Latest Testimonials

Our house had been on the market for over 8 weeks with very little activity. We consulted with Kelly for home staging recommendations and advice regarding selling our home with Feng Shui. We implemented the staging and feng shui recommendations Kelly suggested and we were very excited when our home SOLD within 10 days of completing her recommendations! Thank you Kelly!
Reich Family

I recently had the opportunity to consult with Kelly through some renovations. We met briefly ahead of the renos so she could have some insight to my tastes and style preferences. Kelly proposed ideas allowing me to ponder the thought, to weave my own style into it, or to move onto a new idea. There were far more details to consider than I had anticipated, and there were some reno hiccups too, but Kelly was always there to rework a new plan with me. Color choices were a concern for me so I really needed Kelly's opinion and I am delighted with the results. Kelly has been very easy to work with, she let me know her work availability and was accessible and positive when there was a 'crisis'. I am eager to add some new furniture to my 'new' home and plan to explore decorating ideas with Kelly.
Kathy R

I decided to renovate an unfinished basement for my 18 year old daughter who was starting university. We had very few ideas about how to design a modern living space that included a bedroom, bathroom and sitting area. Kelly not only helped us create a beautiful basement, she was able to design a space that not only made a 50 year old mother happy, but thrilled my teenage daughter! It takes a special skill to cross the generations! Only problem is that I don�t think my daughter will ever move out.
Laurie and Katie B.

Kelly has done some work for me and I have been very happy with what she accomplished. She is very friendly and will do her best to please.

I am a small business owner in downtown Calgary. I have had my business for a little over 2 years now. Before I started my business, I hired Kelly to do a space clearing for my office space and my client always comment how they love the energy in my facility. Kelly also gives me a lot of Feng Shui advice to enhance the positive chi in my studio space. My client base is growing stronger than ever. Thanks a lot Kelly!
Drake P

When we first moved into our home our family's health and overall happiness declined. After our consultation with Kelly we implemented the Feng Shui cures she suggested and almost immediately we noticed a difference for the better. Our home became a loving, peaceful and healthy sanctuary. Our marriage and finances improved as well. Kelly's knowledge in essential oils are invaluable and we continue to use the oils that she suggested to keep the energy in our home uplifted. I am deeply grateful to Kelly for the change she has brought to our family. Thank you Kelly!
G.W., Calgary, Alberta

I had the good fortune to meet Kelly a few years ago and she has become a very good friend as well as a valued colleague. I refer clients to her knowing they will be treated with complete respect, integrity and thoroughness. Kelly conducts herself in a professional manner no matter what aspect of her business she is attending to at the time. Her warm, friendly and informative nature is conducive to establishing strong relations with clients. I have no hesitation in recommending Kelly for anything she offers in the way of services and products.
Dr. Geoffry G. Hirose, DD, MSCD